Overview: Heavy Periods

For most women, menstruation is a simple fact of life. But if you have heavy periods, menstruation is anything but simple.

Heavy periods may be disrupting your life. Do you:

  • Need to change menstrual pads or tampons constantly?

  • Wear dark clothes to avoid accidents?

  • Suffer from exhaustion?

  • Experience significant cramping?

If you've experienced symptoms like these, you may have a treatable condition. Learn more about ways you can stop coping with heavy periods.

Assess Your Symptoms

A common, treatable problem

If you have heavy periods, you're not alone. Heavy periods or menorraghia (pronounced men-or-ah-jah) affects about 3 in 10 women of reproductive age,¹ causing excessive menstruation that can interfere with daily activities.

You may be hesitant to discuss your symptoms with a doctor. What you may not realize, however, is that treatment can bring relief.

1. The Lewin Group. Prevalence and treatment patterns of pelvic health disorders among US women. 2007.


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