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Reasons for Hysterectomy

Your doctor may recommend a hysterectomy as treatment for a wide variety of conditions, some of which are listed below. While hysterectomies may sometimes be absolutely necessary, in many cases symptoms can be treated with less invasive options. Make sure you explore alternative treatment options with your doctor.

  • Fibroids – benign or noncancerous growths inside the uterus.

  • Heavy periods – also known as menorrhagia, cause pain, fatigue and disruption to your quality of life.

  • Endometriosis – a condition where tissue that normally resides in the uterus appears in other parts of the abdomen.

  • Pelvic support problems/prolapse – a condition in which the uterus drops out of its normal position, causing women to urinate more frequently, and often avoid sex and limit their movements because of pain.

  • Cancer – Some uterine and cervical cancers may be treated with hysterectomy or with other treatment methods.

Speak up about your hysterectomy choices

If you and your doctor have determined that hysterectomy is the best course of action for your symptoms, make sure you talk through your choices of procedure. And consider getting a second opinion. Today’s less invasive hysterectomy options, like laparoscopic or vaginal, can help you significantly reduce hospital and recovery times, and minimize scarring and pain afterwards.1,2

Talk to your doctor about which organs need to be removed, too. Some research suggests keeping your cervix after hysterectomy may reduce the risk of pelvic floor prolapse and preserve sexual function. A laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy offers a less invasive alternative to traditional abdominal hysterectomy and allows you to retain your cervix. Learn more about laparoscopic hysterectomy.

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