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Vaginal Hysterectomy

In a vaginal hysterectomy, the doctor uses a small incision inside the vagina to remove the uterus and other organs, as determined by your doctor. This incision is not visible externally.

Vaginal hysterectomies usually require a 1 to 3 day hospital stay and up to 4 weeks’ recovery time.1

Because vaginal hysterectomy does not require the surgeon to make a large abdominal incision, it’s a less invasive procedure than traditional methods of hysterectomy.

Who is a candidate for a vaginal hysterectomy?

Most, but not all, women are candidates for this procedure when considering a hysterectomy. Be sure to talk to a doctor about your specific condition to determine if this kind of hysterectomy is right for you. Find a doctor familiar with GYNECARE® products who can provide treatment.

What are the risks with a vaginal hysterectomy?

All medical procedures present risks, so remember to talk to a doctor before making a treatment decision. As with all types of hysterectomy, there’s a risk of potential blood loss, infection and damage to other internal organs.

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Ask your doctor whether a vaginal hysterectomy is right for you

Of the 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the United States every year,2 almost half are performed using less invasive methods like laparoscopic or vaginal hysterectomy. Ask a doctor whether a vaginal approach might be right for you. Find a doctor who is familiar with GYNECARE® products and can perform vaginal hysterectomy.

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